Asian champion - Evergrande 1-3 Kobe 2 rounds only 1 point

On November 25, Beijing time, Guangzhou Evergrande lost 1-3 to Kobe victory ship in group G of Asian Championship Group. In the 44th minute, hengwu, the ancient bridge, sent a gift to Evergrande in 54th minute, Douglas in 74th minute and Iniesta in 84th minute. Asian Champions League 2020


Competition focus


Evergrande scored only 1 point in the second round: Evergrande drew 0-0 in the first round, and then lost to Kobe in the second round, with only 1 point in both rounds.

2. Evergrande became the only team that failed in the CSL Big4 team: in the first half of the group match, Evergrande only scored 1 draw and 1 loss, and became the only team in CSL 4 that could not win.


Wonderful playback


The sixth minute Zhang Linpeng was injured in the confrontation with Vermaelen and limped to the field. In the following competition, Zhang Linpeng was unable to persist in the competition and was replaced by Zhong Yihao. Evergrande encountered a passive substitution just at the beginning.


The 12th minute, Zhong Yihao transportation straight plug, but did not form a threat, was destroyed by the defensive player. In the 20th minute, taliska delivered the threat straight ball, and Wei Shihao quickly inserted it to get the ball, but he started too early and fell into the opponent’s offside trap.


In the 24th minute, Yan Dinghao cut the ball in the middle of the field. Then he sent the threat straight. Wei Shihao ran to the left side of the forbidden area with the ball. He pushed the near corner but hit the side net of the goal.


In the 26th minute, Evergrande opened a tactical corner, and akerson got the ball cut in. Then he hit the goal vigorously, but hit the ball straight up.


In the 27th minute, Evergrande sent out the side line ball. Luo Guofu got rid of the defensive player and went into the right side of the forbidden area. Then his goal post was ejected in his shooting. Evergrande missed the opportunity again.


In the 34th minute, Evergrande got the free kick in the front court, but akerson chose to hit the goal directly, but he made the ball on the wall.


The 37th minute, Iniesta will pick the ball into the forbidden area, but failed to form a threat, the goalkeeper will directly confiscate the ball.


In the 44th minute, xidawu delivered the ball to the left side of the forbidden area, and Meifang suffered a fatal roof fall. Iniesta’s ball was sent to the back of the triangle. Henwu Guqiao, who was surrounded in front of the goal, pushed the ball through, and Kobe took a 1-0 lead.


The 50th minute Iniesta transports the cross pass, the countryside friend too vigorously volleys, by the goalkeeper diligently saves the ball.


In the 54th minute, Evergrande got a corner kick and Xu Xin sent the ball to the restricted area. When Yamakawa and taliska were fighting for the landing point, Yamakawa’s head headed toward his own goal. At this time, Guqiao hengwu, who was defending beside the goal post, tried to clear the encirclement, but headed the ball into his own goal. With the help of the opponent’s own gift, Evergrande was lucky to make the score 1-1 on the field.


In the 58th minute, Wei Shihao hit the middle road. He Chao delivered the ball to the forbidden area. Taliska volleyed the ball, but he missed the opportunity again.


In the 61st minute, taliska delivered the ball to the restricted area, and Gorat grabbed the spot, shook his head and attacked the door, which was saved by the goalkeeper, and then the defensive player got out with his big foot.


In the 74th minute, Kobe continued to pass, tearing open Evergrande’s defense line, Douglas with the ball into the forbidden area, and then calmly volleyed the goal, Kobe took the lead again with 2-1.


In the 81st minute, Evergrande sent the corner kick to the forbidden area. In the scuffle, akerson broke the goal, but the referee ruled offside. After a slow motion replay, the decision was highly controversial.


In the 84th minute, Douglas went into the forbidden area from the left, and then passed the ball. Iniesta, who was surrounded in front of the goal, hit the first foot and was blocked out. However, he then made up the goal and Kobe expanded the score to 3-1. Finally, Kobe defeated Evergrande 3-1.


Guangzhou Evergrande:


Goalkeeper: 32 – Liu Dianzuo;


Guard: 2 – Jiang Guangtai, 23 – Park Zhizhu, 3 – Meifang, 5 – Zhang Linpeng;


Midfield: 6 – Liao Lisheng (46’36 – he Chao), 15 – Yan Dinghao (46’12 – Xu Xin), 20 – Luo Guofu (46’28 – Gorat);


Forwards: 7 – Wesley Howe, 9 – akerson, 94 – taliska;


Kobe victory ship: 1-maekawa Daiya; 4-vermaelen, 5-yamaguchi, 8-iniesta, 9-fujimoto, 11-guqiao hengwu, 17-kikuchi Liufan, 22-xidawu, 23-yamagawa’s history, 24-sakai Gaode, 27-xiangjiayutai

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