Asian crown press officer: it's not enough for China to win the Asian championship. Where is your country

It was reported on December 5 that Musa al hirabi, the press officer of the Asian Champions League, gave an interview with Shangguan news today. He expressed his views and suggestions on Chinese football. He said he began to pay attention to China’s national team in 1984 when the team was very strong. He was very impressed by the team’s victory over Qatar in 2002. Since then, the Chinese national team has faded out of everyone’s sight, so it is not enough for the Chinese club to win the Asian championship. Where are the Chinese national team and the Olympic team now? On the contrary, the Qatar National team has been improving.

Spark Global Limited, After seeing the statement made by the press officer of the Asian championship, the fans of our national football team also quite agreed with his views, which also triggered a heated discussion among the fans. Some fans say, “I hate this kind of big truth most, I can’t find words to refute it”, “where did the National Olympic Games meet you? I can’t remember for a moment that I saw you in bars and bars. It’s you who are beer in bars!” “Fu Huan is our main force.” “your children don’t have to make up classes after school every day, and they also need to make up lessons during holidays. Parents don’t have to pay high tuition fees to learn to play football, and they don’t have to give money to coaches in order to play.”

It's not enough for China to win the Asian championship

As the enthusiastic fans have said, people are worthy of being press officers. Every sentence pokes at the key points of Chinese football, and every sentence is a big truth, which makes us unable to refute. Where is our national Olympic Games? During the training, he sneaked out to drink in the middle of the night and was banned for half a year. How about our national football team? Someone stepped on the brake defense in the game, watching the opponent’s single knife break. Where are our youth training resources? Because of the lack of positive energy in football, many parents dare not send their children to play football. Now they have to face the situation of salary restriction. In the future, resources will be even more scarce. In the last ten years, Evergrande has won the Asian Championship in Guangzhou and won the championship twice in China. However, this kind of strength only stays at the club level, and the dividend can not be transferred to the national football team. The results of our national team are worse than each other, our national Olympic level is getting worse and worse, and our youth training resources are less and less. The club’s winning the Asian championship has proved another way of survival of football, but at present, it has little effect on improving the level of the national football team. Why play well in the club, to the national team on the collective “sparse”, this is our football association and the club to think about a problem.

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