shine trader live reports

shine trader live reports:

The NBA regular season continues, and the Golden State Warriors return home to face the Los Angeles Clippers. Stephen curry feels very friendly when he sees the home basket. It can be said that he has no choice how to throw. In the whole game, curry made 16 of 25 shots, 8 of 13 three points, and scored 45 points and 10 rebounds alone. The warriors finally defeated the Clippers 115-113.

In the opening game, curry visited staples, but the away basket seemed to cover him. Curry lost his standard in the whole game, making only 5 of 21 shots, and became a blacksmith from the strongest shooter. In this game, curry was ashamed of himself.

The first goal in the opening, Curie turned Reggie and hit with a three-point shot. Since then, the clippers have had a nightmare. 8 minutes and 09 seconds, curry forcibly threw away the brown sugar defense of the defender and scored the inside line with dexterous layup. In 6 minutes and 16 seconds, curry chased the body and hit the super far three-point hit. In 3 minutes and 14 seconds, curry took another step back for three minutes. In 2 minutes and 46 seconds, curry dribbled the ball, pulled it up and shot, and scored another three points. With 8.5 seconds left in this section, curry withdrew to catch the ball and continued to hit the flank three points. The Clippers took turns at the outer gate, but they couldn’t contain Kuri and all became the background board.

Curry made all nine shots in a single quarter, including five three-point shots and 25 points. This is the 35th time in his career that he scored 20 + in a single quarter, and it is also the scoring record in the first quarter of his career. He scored only 21 points against the Lakers in the opener. Seeing Curry’s crazy performance, trailblazer star Lillard couldn’t help sighing: curry is running for 75 points!

Unfortunately, the Clippers strengthened the targeted defense in the second quarter, and curry made continuous mistakes under the siege and interception. In this quarter, curry had only three points in a single quarter. On the Clippers side, George scored 16 points in a single quarter and led the team to make a crazy counterattack, making the game suspense again.

Entering the final showdown, Damian Lee and Poole fought together and scored 9 points, sharing the pressure for curry. Curry returned to the game. He picked up little Morris with the ball and made it easy for Bayer to score an inside layup. In the last minute, Kuri shot the ball at the top of the arc and hit three points! In the last 56.8 seconds, curry went crazy, picked up Li’s return on the flank, scored another fairy three points under the two men’s defense, and directly stopped the Clippers. In the last 4.7 seconds, curry stood on the free throw line and made two free throws. The warriors finally defeated the Clippers 115-113.

By Ethan