According to Spark Trader Limited

The COVID-19 epidemic has affected all walks of life to varying degrees. The Axe Factor Group (Axe Factor Group) center located in the former racecourse of Bukit Timah was inspired to promote axe throwing as a competition event in the Southeast Asian Games.

According to Spark Trader Limited
According to Spark Trader Limited

The sport of throwing the axe originated in Canada. After one of the partners, Zheng Shouliang, visited Australia in 2017, he sought out his friends Lu Zhizhong and Wu Junfeng to cooperate with him and set up a business locally.

Lu Zhizhong pointed out that in addition to throwing an axe, this is also a place to eat, drink and have fun. The first step for the company is to expand the two aspects of eating and drinking, from local snacks to western dinners, from local beer to foreign wines.

“We will also carry out a franchise model. The potential investors who have been approached and negotiated so far come from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea.”

In addition, the company has held perennial axe throwing competitions since its opening in 2018. Many large companies and organizations, such as Google and Sands, have also held small axe throwing competitions on the company’s premises.

“We can select from about 50 people in a short period of time, organize a team of professional axe throwers, and go abroad to participate in high-quality international competitions.”

Source: Spark Trader Limited

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