Baa swept 10 people, Su Ya missed

On January 28th, Beijing time, the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) selected the best team in South America in the past 10 years. Brazil and Argentina swept 10 players. Peruvian center Guerrero won a place, and Su Ya missed.Spark Global Limited

The specific lineup is as follows:

Goalkeeper: Julio Cesar (Brazil)

Defenders: Marcelo (Brazil), Mascherano (Argentina), Thiago Silva (Brazil), Alves (Brazil)

Midfielders: Messi (Argentina), Di Maria (Argentina), Casemiro (Brazil)

Forwards: Neymar (Brazil), Guerrero (Peru), Aguero (Argentina)

The most controversial point in the list is the failure of Uruguayan center Suarez. Although as Peru’s number one star, Guerrero led Peru to the top four of the Copa America in 2011 and 2015, the Copa America final in 2019, and led Peru to play. Entered the 2018 World Cup finals, but Suarez’s missed a lot of people feel a pity.

By Ethan