Barca "hairstyle" four times! When Messi didn't pass the ball, Coleman was angry

In a focus game in the 19th round of La Liga, which ended on December 17, Beijing time, Barcelona beat Royal Society 2-1 at home. The red and blue legions, who scored three valuable points, also returned to the top five. However, despite Barcelona’s victory, there are also some people who are quite frustrated, that is, French shooter greizman. He wasted 4 chances in this game, and again make complaints about the fans. in the face of his former royal society, glitzmann especially changed his hairstyle and cut a double ponytail hairstyle. But unfortunately, the new hairstyle not only did not bring good luck to glitzman but also made him a laughing stock.

Messi didn't pass the ball

In the eighth minute of the game, gretzmann wasted the first excellent opportunity of Barcelona. At that time, Alba crossed from the bottom line of the left road, perhaps in order to show his excellent skills. On the right side of the restricted area, the unmarked grizman shot directly with his left foot in the air from a small angle, but his shot was far from the far post. In the 37th minute, grizman missed the opportunity again. He passed the goalkeeper of the Royal Society with the ball. At this time, Messi had already arrived at the goal and was ready to play an empty goal. However, glitzmann was confident that he did not pass the ball, but pushed it from a small angle. The ball was rejected by the crossbar. At that time, the score was 1:1, glitzmann did not pass Messi’s behavior, which naturally caused a lot of controversies.

In the 55th minute, glitzmann’s worst scene appeared. At that time, Alba gave him an empty goal, but grizman’s right foot volley in the middle of the small restricted area went straight back to the direction of the pass, and he kicked the ball directly to the Royal Society goalkeeper. At that time, Barcelona had already exceeded the score. If glitzmann scored the goal, he could lock the victory ahead of time. His handling of the empty goal did not make people speechless to the extreme. A minute later, gretzmann came back. Although the Frenchman ran out of the single shot opportunity, he did not choose a reasonable low shot far angle but chose to shoot the close angle guarded by the other goalkeeper. Finally, his shot was saved by the Royal Society goalkeeper. After wasting four excellent opportunities, Barcelona coach Coleman replaced gretzmann in the 65th minute. It is obvious that he is very dissatisfied with the performance of the French. In the last four games, grizman has all failed. The Frenchman, who had just improved a little before, seemed to be completely depressed again.

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