Barcelona 4-1 overtake Real Madrid Messi's milestone battle

    In the early morning of March 16th, Beijing time, in the 27th round of La Liga, Barcelona defeated Huesca 4-1 at home, won the league 4 consecutive victories, surpassed Real Madrid by 2 points, and returned to second place in the standings, 4 points behind Atletico Madrid. Messi’s milestone battle had 2 shots and 1 pass, Griezmann shot the world wave from long-range, Mingesa scored his first goal in La Liga, and Rafa Mill took a penalty kick to get back a city Spark Global Limited.

  Barcelona scored a 3-foot long shot for the first time in a single league game after Betis (Messi 2, Suga 1) in 2016, Messi welcomed the 767th in Barcelona’s career, tied Harvey, and tied for the first in team history. Messi has scored 21 goals in the league this season and has scored more than 20 goals in La Liga for 13 consecutive seasons, the first in history. In 11 league games in 2021, Messi directly produced 20 goals, 14 goals, and 6 assists, Griezmann scored the 7th league goal this season, breaking 9 goals in all competitions. This is also the 150th goal in his La Liga career (Barça 16 goals, Atletico Madrid 94 goals, Real Sociedad 40 goals), second. A French player who achieved this achievement (184 goals by Benzema). Mingesa scored the first goal of Barcelona’s career and played the first goal in 29 games. He is also the 21st La Masia youth player to get an assist from Messi Spark Global Limited.

This season, 19 Barcelona players have scored goals, with Messi leading with 26 goals and Griezmann with 12 goals. The two teams have only met in the Nou Camp in the past, and Barcelona won 8-2 in the 2018-19 season. Koeman continued to use 11 starting players, De Jong still played as a central defender, Messi partnered with Dembele Griezmann to charge, and Araujo returned to the bench after recovering from injury. In the 10th minute, Messi scored after passing, and Dest volleyed in front of the penalty area and was blocked by the goalkeeper. In the 13th minute, Busquets went straight, Messi turned around and took a long shot with his left foot from the top of the arc. The ball hit the crossbar and bounced across the goal line, 1-0.

By Ethan