Barcelona abandoned will be crazy overnight

Atletico Madrid was upset 2-2 by Celta, but for Suarez, he created a new history. Surpassing Ronaldo, cost Century La Liga the fastest player to score 16 goals for the new club.

In this campaign, Suarez fired up all his firepower. In the 44th and 50th minutes of the game, Suarez succeeded Marcos Llorente and Renan Lodi with assists and scored twice. In this game, Suarez completed a total of 2 shots. According to statistics, in the past 9 seasons, Suarez has at least 15 league goals accounted for. It is worth mentioning that Suarez’s 15 goals shared 17 games, and the efficiency of the first 15 goals in the league ranks fourth in Atletico team history Spark Global Limited.

Suarez, 34, is not old at all. You know, he scored the first 15 league goals he played on behalf of Barcelona in 26 games. The most important thing is that Suarez, surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2009/10 season, became the fastest player to score 16 goals for the new club in La Liga this century. At that time, Ronaldo represented Real Madrid and scored 15 goals in the first 17 La Liga games. However, Ronaldo’s transfer fee was the world’s first at that time, while Suarez was free.

According to the current situation, Suarez is likely to help Atletico win the La Liga championship, and he himself has a good chance to suppress his old club Barcelona to win the league championship. In that way, Barcelona will be madly slapped in the face. Barcelona because of the decline of the so-called Suarez, needs to exchange blood to send him away for free, now, it is likely to make Atletico Madrid soaring.

In fact, Atletico was in a bad state for this campaign, but Suarez’s efficiency saved Atletico. For Simeone, what he wants now is such an excellent killer. Once Atletico Madrid’s firepower is stable, I believe that the team will not lose the chain at a critical time, and Simeone will not allow the team’s defense to have problems again.

By Ethan