After Maradona died, the superstar mourned! Bailey: Lost legend C: the world says goodbye to genius

In the early morning of December 3, Barcelona in group G of the Champions League won 3-0 away from Fernando Fernando. Although Messi didn’t go, glitzmann, Braithwaite and denbelle scored to help Barcelona win.

Maradona's mysterious will exposed: once asked to be embalmed after death, family members did not implement it

In this game Messi did not go away, Koeman explained that this is a good opportunity for Messi to rest. But Messi is not in, glitzmann leads the advanced attack line to play well, in the 14th minute, glitzmann receives the Alba cross, the heel hits a goal. After the goal glitzmann is very excited, this foot also saw his relaxed state.
The first 20 minutes, have been very active in the left-wing dengbeilai cross, this time is Braithwaite inserted into the restricted area, shovel shot, 2-0, the ball defense is too careless.
But not long after the 28th minute, Braithwaite was fouled in the forbidden area, denbelle penalty hit, 3-0, the actual Barcelona has won the game.

Seeing that the opponent’s strength is really average, and has been three goals ahead, Koeman began to adjust the lineup in the second half, glitzmann, Langley, Alba, Busquets and so on were replaced, Deron came on the bench, but Koman left denbelle on the field, although there was no goal, denbelle played well.
Messi is usually not injured or suspended, rarely absent from the Champions League in a row, but this time Koeman’s excuse is that Messi needs to rest because there is still La Liga to play this week. This excuse is completely said in the past, but look at him with the full main line-up away from the game, at the same time row out of the starting point, he is in the practice of how Barcelona should play without Messi! I’m afraid that since he plays with Messi, his style is different from that of Lionel Messi. However, if he plays in the same way as Lionel Messi, his style is different from that of Lionel Messi. spark global limited

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