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According to Donbalon, Barcelona is willing to sell Lionel Messi during the winter window if a team offers more than 135 million euros, a painful decision to rebuild the team. During the summer, Messi was on the verge of leaving when Bartomeu, then Barcelona’s president, refused to let him go. It was reported at the time that City was willing to pay about 200 million euros for Messi, while Barca was unmoved. “From an economic point of view, I think this summer is the right time to sell Messi,” Tuscolles, the president of the Barcelona management board, said in a recent interview. “It both satisfies the club’s financial needs and saves money.” On an economic level, Tuskez seems right. Barca is in a very tight financial situation and has just reached an agreement with their players to cut wages. If Summerwindow sells Messi to Manchester City for $200 million, plus his pre-tax salary of about $100 million a year, Barca would be able to raise about $300 million, largely to solve the club’s current problems.

largely to solve the club's current problems.
Barcelona are reportedly interested in selling Messi for no less than 135 million euros during the winter window and is already planning their future without him. Messi has only the second half of his contract remaining and if he refuses to extend it, Barcelona will be left with no money in the summer window. Messi is 33 years old and his $135 million fortune is high at the moment and few can afford it. Manchester City or PSG can wait another half year and wait for the situation to change. It is said that one of the reasons for Barca’s willingness to sell Messi is that griezmann, who is worth 135 million yuan, has recently found his game again. Griezmann, who had been played as a center-forward by Koeman, was not used to it and did not perform well. He had a lot of complaints. Koeman has recently started to play Brythwaite as a center-forward, and Grid has returned to his best position and has improved significantly, giving glimpses of his time at Real Sociedad and Atletico Madrid.

There is an internal consideration at Barca: Without Messi, Griezmann can be the new attacking center, and the team seems to be working well under this system. In terms of technical characteristics, Griezmann and Messi have some similarities, if you put him in the most suitable position, obviously he can not completely replace Messi, but he can play at a high level. If Messi does leave, Barca will still have the luxury of attacking options such as Griezmann, Fadi, Coutinho, Dembele, Blaithwaite, Pederie and Tringon. In addition, the money from the sale of Messi could be used by Barcelona to strengthen its weakest centre-forward positions, with top strikers such as Harland and Lautaro possible. Barca may be in for a rough patch in the post-Messi era, but the team’s future looks bright.

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