Barcelona's 34-year-old defense core is on fire

Barcelona lost 1-4 to Paris, and the 34-year-old Barcelona defensive core Pique was on fire again. Ushering in his comeback, he was caught by the Spanish media scolding Griezmann’s mother and arguing with his teammates. In addition, the moment of pulling Mbappé’s jersey has become a new classic moment in the Champions League.

“Daily Sports News” translated the live audio. At that time, the game was in the first half, and Pique spits out Griezmann frantically: “You’re really XXX, XXX, I’m XXX! Come on, pay attention! XXX, really Will XXX stick the ball”, Pique turned and shouted to his teammates, he asked them to see where the ball fell. “Glitzman also made a counterattack, constantly using XXX’s words to ask Pique to calm down. Pique then continued: “XXX Glitzman, I XXX, the team has been passively beaten for 5 minutes!” Griezmann continued to respond: “Don’t XXX shout at me!” My XXX is also uncomfortable. “Peak is reluctant to give up: “You XXX, we are running like stupid X…”

In addition, Pique also frantically pulled Mbappé’s jersey during the game and became a source of material for netizens’ PS. At that time, Mbappe had already started to speed, and Pique couldn’t run away. Then, Mbappe was dragged frantically, and everyone was taken away, still unable to stop Mbappe from whizzing away. During the whole process, Pique was very embarrassed.

The 34-year-old Pique is a great Barcelona hero. He was the core defender of the team when he won the sixth crown from Barcelona. He missed many games before suffering from injuries this season. He was quickly beaten after 87 days after returning. 1. Pique may cry without tears. In all fairness, Pique was indeed one of the best defenders in football at his peak, but now he is getting older and older.

Pique has always been the focus of football. He ridiculed Real Madrid without blocking his mouth. He has repeatedly become the background board. He once became a smash hit because of the phrase “I can see through all the fake actions of Ronaldo”. Now, Pique is on fire again. This time the quarrel with Griezmann and the moment of pulling Mbappé will become another classic moment in the Champions League Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan