"Beard Killer" Kyria confirmed to fight the battle of the gods

Tencent Sports News, November 18, recently, the 2018 Kunlun decisive battle of the gods champion Qilia has confirmed that he will play in the global 8-man tournament in Wuzhishan, opening the way to defend the title of king of the gods.

On December 31st, the battle of the Kunlun decisive gods will start in Wuzhishan, Hainan. At that time, three Kunlun decisive champions will be decided in one night. The 70KG level is known as the gold level of free combat and the most competitive level. The 70KG level is the most eye-catching ace event in the Kunlun final system Spark Global Limited

As the defending champion of the Battle of the Gods, “Beard Killer” Chilia performed well last year. First, he defeated his rival “Scorpion” Mussef and then KOed Moroccan heavy gunner Noordin Ben and Chinese boxer Feng Xingli. He defeated his old rival Duto in the final with a broken arm and became the new king of the gods. After many years, Kyria once again won one of the most important titles in his life.


From the KO “killing machine” Andy Risti to the king of Europe, Kylia has once again ushered in his own defending moment after dormant for many years. The Georgian karate master obviously wants to be the first Kunlun decisive battle of the gods. Crown King, Wuzhishan on December 31, Qilia will do his best to realize this wish.

Having just reached another peak of his career, Kyria, the defending champion of the gods, with his honor, is about to meet the challenges of many powerful enemies. On December 31, at the Five Fingers Mountain Gods Global 8-player game, Kyria will start the defense. road.

The Battle of the Gods has been launched in 2014. Zuyev was the first king, and the next year it was Sitichai. In 2016, the king of the gods was broadcasted to be taken by the master Subobang, and in 2017, Subobang attacked and defended his title. Shi was defeated by Marat. That 29-second KO became a classic. “Beard Killer” Kylia has crowned the title of King of the Gods in 2018. If he can successfully defend his title this year, he will become the first defending champion since the brand was launched

By Ethan