Manchester United 4-0 to advance to the round of 16

10. Cruyff turns around, This action requires first to make a force kick fake action, and requires the kicking foot to suddenly stop in the process, and then push the ball away in a disguised form from the back of the other foot. After the action is completed, it needs to turn around to accelerate the start and achieve a breakthrough on the other side of the feint. Cruyff’s movement is used to break through the opponent who is close to him. All close defense is easy to eat fake action, as long as you are agile, upper body coordination, Cruyff action is very effective.

9. Beckhams round moon cutlass

It is characterized by large radian, fast speed, and accurate landing points in the air. In order to emphasize the speed of the ball and the lifting degree of the arc, he must try his best to twist the whole body and touch the ball with the instep side at the position of almost zero degrees angle with the ball, so as to maximize the internal rotation speed of the ball and improve the rotation degree of the ball.

8. Marseilles

he Super League club is suspected of signing a Yin-Yang contract

Marseille slalom is a gorgeous and practical technique to get rid of the defender with a 180 degree rotation in the forward dribbling process, and then pass or shoot or continue to drive with the ball. The whole move needs to be done in one go. Especially when both sides seem to take the initiative to get the ball.

7. Robbeneche

This is a very fast cross action, requiring players to be able to make a high degree of fake action, with excellent dribbling skills and extremely fast speed is the premise of this action, the characteristic is that the movement requires a breakthrough from the front field to the middle.

6. Overtaking on the outside

Everyone knows that the straight line between two points is the shortest, but on the court, players all know: bell is the shortest between two points, and bell has the speed of terror enough to let him rely on his personal ability to usher in victory for the team.

5. The cow’s tail is very good

This action is extremely confusing. It requires the player to touch the ball only with his single foot and use the insteps of the left and right sides respectively. The key is that the player needs to use one touch to achieve two disguised appearances. This action is also the representative action of Ronaldinho, one of the most outstanding attacking stars in Brazil.

4. Elevator ball shooting

This action allows the ball to achieve a rapid descent in the air, rather than the ordinary parabolic movement. Such a trajectory also makes it extremely difficult to defend such a ball, because the ball may suddenly fall before passing the goal, just like installing navigation.

3. Masterstroke

Yibu, who is 1.95 meters in height, has No.9 center height and No.10 foot skill. He can always score in a fantastic way. His left and right feet are balanced and his goals are almost always won by cleverness.

2. The scorpion wags its tail

Iquitos estimated the opponent’s long-distance hanging door play in a game. When the football was about to enter the net, he did not use his hands to catch the ball, but leaped forward and kicked the ball out of the door with two heels. It is a masterpiece in the history of football. Spark Global Limited


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