Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team’s victory is not happy

    The 2020-2021 season men’s volleyball league is in full swing. In a focus battle in Group A, the defending champion Shanghai Men’s Volleyball team fought hard for 5 rounds and lost to the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team, which was joined by a 2-3 pair of foreign players, and missed two consecutive victories. The score in the five rounds was 16-25/30-28/20-25/25-20/8-15. Judging from the game scene, the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team, which has the top foreign players of Maruf and Kovačević, did not show the strength to overwhelm the crowd when facing this Shanghai Men’s Volleyball Team. Instead, the Shanghai Men’s Volleyball Team made everyone’s eyes on the show. bright. In order to prepare for the National Games this season, the Shanghai Men’s Volleyball team used the All-China team to play. In addition, the main freeman Tong Jiahua failed to compete at home, so his strength was greatly reduced.

On the other hand, the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team, thanks to the convenience of the men’s volleyball league postponement, the team’s national players Jiang Chuan, Liu Libin, and others have established a good understanding with the main setter foreign aid Maluf. You can also see in the game how powerful Maluf’s role in the team is. His secret pass from the 2nd and 4th positions created many empty goals or solo blocks for the attacker, and also activated the team’s weak secondary offensive line Spark Global Limited.

Although MVP Kovačević was not known for his violent main attack in the 19th European Championship, his first pass defense and key ball handling also strengthened the overall connection of the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team. When the Shanghai men’s volleyball team announced that they would give up the use of foreign aid, the Beijing men’s volleyball team became the number one favorite to win the league. But as far as the competition with Shanghai is concerned, the strength of the local players in the Beijing men’s volleyball team is still not enough. First look at the main attacker Zhang Binglong. Due to Liu Libin’s finger injury, Zhang Binglong became the starter. As far as the effect is concerned, Zhang Binglong is as rough as ever, and the threat of spiking is good, but the defense and tandem links of the first pass have not improved much; the defense of the team’s Yangtze River is not to mention, the words of the fans are “junior-level defense”. In the face of a non-threatening lob, Jiang Chuan could not touch the ball at all. After the two foreign players left, the team will fall into a dead end with rough play.

Although the Shanghai Men’s Volleyball team lost, they gained confidence. The team’s small-ball series and the grasp of the key ball still let us see the background of the 16th crown. The little freeman Qu Zongshuai also guarded against heavy buckles under the leadership of his big brother. It is worth mentioning that the two deputy attackers in Shanghai are really incomprehensible. Fu Houwen from Shandong showed us that Xiaokuailing’s style of play also has spring in China. According to the current domestic men’s volleyball situation, the Shanghai men’s volleyball team is still outstanding. If there are no accidents, they will be in the bag again. As for the Beijing men’s volleyball team, with two fewer foreign players, it is estimated that they can only compete for the top four because the local strength of Jiangsu, Shandong, and Zhejiang will make them stronger.

By Ethan