shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

76ers star Ben Simmons participated in team training today. According to U.S. NBA reporter Jamie apody, Simmons did not raise his hand to participate in the team huddle after the team training (after the training, the players gathered to touch the fist).

Jamie apody wrote: “although Rivers said that Simmons’ chemical reaction with his teammates was getting better day by day, I can tell you that Simmons didn’t participate in the ‘team huddle’ after the training today. He just stood outside the crowd. When other teammates started shooting training after the training, Simmons immediately left the training ground.”

According to the videos released by various media, Simmons is not in high mood in training and always looks indifferent. When his teammates are training on the field, he just dribbles alone on the sideline without expression.

By Ethan