The Suns without Paul beat the Clippers

In yesterday’s Phoenix Suns game against the Los Angeles Clippers, clippers guard Beverly finally lost control of emotion, sneaked from behind and overthrew the Suns star Chris Paul. Beverly was expelled immediately. Today, Beverly publicly apologized to Paul through personal social media. According to Yahoo Sports reports, Beverly is expected to be banned after the start of next season.

In the sixth game of the Western Conference finals, Paul was a God. He scored 41 points, 4 rebounds and 8 assists, leading the Suns to a 130-103 victory over the clippers, leading them to the finals 4-2. It was Paul’s first time in his career to reach the finals.

Interestingly, at the end of the game, the overall situation has been decided, the Clippers guard Beverly suddenly overthrew Paul from behind without warning. Because of this sneak attack, Beverly was expelled immediately. The league sources told reporters that Beverly is likely to face additional punishment of suspension, and the relevant punishment will be implemented after the start of the 2021-22 season.

After a night of calm and reflection, Beverly finally realized his mistake. He publicly apologized to Paul in his first social media voice since April.

Beverly wrote on social media: @ Paul, I lost my temper last night. That’s my fault, but that behavior wasn’t aimed at you. Congratulations on getting to the finals. Good luck

This year’s playoffs, Paul can be described as a complete God, in fact, Beverly is not the first opponent to be shortsighted by him. In the series against Denver Nuggets, Paul used one divine accuracy after another to hit the new MVP and Jokic broke down. After that, Jokic also lost control of his mood and made a vicious foul on Penn, who was expelled from the game.

By Ethan