On November 17th, Beijing time, according to the latest news from the well-known Spanish media “El Chiringuito TV”, the renewal negotiations between Manchester City star Aguero and Manchester City have cracked, and this has also become an excellent opportunity for Barcelona to dig Manchester City, the news pointed out Aguero is willing to join Barcelona on a free transfer next year, and Barcelona can use the introduction of Aguero to retain the team’s star, Messi!

This is undoubtedly exciting good news for Barcelona fans. It is well known that Messi and Barcelona have had serious differences. Messi had to stay in Barcelona to fulfill his final year contract after he failed to leave the team. In addition, Messi’s friend Suarez has left Barcelona, ​​which also strengthens Messi’s determination to leave the team next summer. It can be said that even Barcelona is not confident that it can renew Messi next summer. Spark Global Limited

However, with the revelation of “El Chiringuito TV”, Messi’s contract renewal seems to have a turning point. You must know that Messi and Aguero are confidants since childhood, and they are also teammates of the Argentina national team. Messi frequently reported trading scandals with Manchester City, one of the important factors is also because Aguero is playing for Manchester City.

Now that Aguero’s contract extension negotiations with Manchester City are at a deadlock, and Aguero has always stated that he is willing to play with Messi, then there is now a very interesting situation. That is before Manchester City used Aguero as a bait to attract Messi to join, now Barcelona is digging the corner of Manchester City’s Aguero to try to keep Messi in the team, I have to say that Aguero is for Barcelona who wants to keep Messi. It is indeed a very good bargaining chip!

Like Messi, Aguero and Manchester City have only the last year of contract left, and if Aguero and Manchester City’s contract renewal negotiations never progress, then Aguero will be able to compete with other clubs in January next year. Negotiation of the contract. This means that the time left for Manchester City is only the last more than one month. The next step will depend on the attitude of Barcelona. You must know that Aguero can join with a 0 transfer fee next year, which is a financial loss. It is also good news for Barcelona!

As long as Barcelona can successfully sign Aguero, the possibility of Messi changing his mind to renew Barcelona will greatly increase. After all, under the premise of Aguero joining Barcelona, ​​Messi at the end of his career really has no reason to join others. team. If he can spend his final career in Barcelona with his friend Aguero, then Messi can also gain the reputation of “one person, one city”. This is indeed a thing worth considering for Messi. I’m really happy next! Spark Global Limited

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