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Spark Global Limited, The 14th week of the NFL regular season is over, and the latest strength rankings are coming back to you! After this round of competition, the Steelman suffered two consecutive losses, and the strength ranking further fell; the chieftain was firmly at the top of the list, followed by the packers, and Bill got into the top three… Not much to say, the strength ranking of the 14th week of the regular season has been listed, let’s have a look!

No.1 Kansas City chief (12-1)

The chieftain has won the league’s western division championship for five consecutive seasons, and they will compete for the No. 1 seed in the League against the saints next week. Everything was fine in Kansas City and they kept winning, but not at full steam. With only six points to win against the dolphins, the team even fell behind 0-10 at the start of the game. Patrick mahoms sent out three steals, which he had only twice in the whole season before. Optimists may say that the chief has won eight straight games instead of playing a good game, which shows that the chief is not impeccable either. But pessimists will think that perhaps this time the chief’s mistake has been made up, the next time may not be so lucky to cross the border.

No. 2 Green Bay Packer (10-3)

The packers have set sail, and after beating the Detroit Lions, they are now 10-3 and locked in the League of nations north. With the saints losing ground in Philadelphia, the victory made packers top of the League of nations. However, coach Matt rougher said they would not be distracted and would focus on their opponents next week: “we know what is ahead of us, and even now, we will not change the way we play. The game is not taken for granted. No matter who the opponent is, you have to be ready every week With 290 yards and three hits, Aron Rogers is likely to be nominated for MVP. Outfielder event Adams has made at least one touchdown in the past eight games, and the Green Bay defense also makes the lions advance less than 300 yards.

No.3 Buffalo Bill (10-3)

Summary of Kansas City chieftain

After the earth shaking First World War with Steelers, bill won the 10th victory of the season, the first time they won the American League Eastern championship in nearly a quarter-century, so they also made it to the top three of this issue. Bill’s success is inseparable from the management’s wise introduction of super outsider Stephen Diggs. This week, diggs once again contributed 10 catches to push forward 140 yards and reached the formation once. This season, he has accumulated 1167 yards and completed 100 catches. Bill’s test is not over, they will play patriots and dolphins in the last two weeks of the regular season, but now that bill is playing at a high level, we can see them as strong contenders for the super bowl.

No.4 Pittsburgh Steelman (11-2)

For a team 11-2, we shouldn’t have questioned them too much. After winning 11 consecutive victories in the opening game, the Steelers are now suffering from successive defeats. The ancients kept up their spirits and went down three times. It seems very reasonable that the Steelers have reached the stage of “decline”. After losing to bill, the quarterback admitted that the team was struggling, although the veteran quarterback was far from panic-stricken. “It’s my fault that we don’t play well on the offensive side. I think it’s a tough team that knows how to win and how serious the situation is, but it’s unacceptable to lose,” he said


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