shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

Monday local time was the media day of the Wizards. The star bill appeared, accepted the media interview and talked about topics such as vaccination.

Bill revealed that he didn’t get the vaccine for personal reasons, and said it was a correct decision. He won’t regret it because he believes in his judgment.

“I will ask those who have been vaccinated a question: Why are you still infected with the new crown? After vaccination, you will still get the new crown and still be able to infect others, so why do you have to fight?”

According to competitors, 90% of NBA players have completed vaccination, but 50 to 60 players have not been vaccinated. Now it seems that Owen, bill and Wiggins are well-known stars who have not been vaccinated.

Since New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New Orleans have issued mandatory orders, professional athletes must be vaccinated if they play indoors, otherwise they cannot appear in the stadium or training hall to participate in training and competition. Therefore, on the same media day, basketball net guard Owen could not appear at Barclays center to participate in the media day, so he had to be interviewed online. Since there was no such regulation in Washington, D.C., bill was able to appear in the stadium to participate in the media day.

By Ethan