Old Rivers holds 83% chance of promotion

In the Eastern Conference finals, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Atlanta Hawks will face off in the G3 series. In this game, Trey Yang made 12 of 23 shots, hit 6 points, scored 35 points and 4 assists. Yang suffered a foot injury in the third quarter. At the end of the game, although Yang returned with injury, he was in poor condition, and the eagles lost to the Bucks 102-113 in the end.

In the Second World War of the series, Trey young was locked to death by hollerdy, and the eagles also suffered a disastrous defeat. This game, Yang in time to warm up, as soon as the firepower opened up. In 9:18, Yang caught the ball close to the center circle, made a confident three-point shot and hit! Since then, Yang continued to break through the performance of the signboard throwing score. Under Yang’s leadership, the Hawks started with a 17-4 attack. At 5:13, Yang was unattended outside the three-point line. He hit the three-point mark directly, then shook his shoulders again.

In the next competition, the Bucks launched a crazy counterattack under the leadership of brother Letterman while Yang sat down to rest. In the second half of this section, Yang is back on the court. Three minutes and 08 seconds before the end of the half-time, Yang held the ball and singled out the letter brother. He dribbled the ball directly to the center circle and pulled up a logo shot against the interference of brother letterman’s long arm, which stabilized the situation for the team.

After half-time, Trey – Yang full blood resurrection, crazy under three rain. At 9:08, Yang’s bottom corner received Capella’s pass and hit three points. 8:04, Yang dribbles over, chases the body three minutes to enter again! In 7 minutes and 22 seconds, Yang continuously overtakes the bucks to challenge big Lopez. Facing the giant tower general Lopez, Yang Si is not afraid, forced to lay up and make the other side foul.

In the last minute of the third quarter, Yang feigned to make Middleton’s three-point fouls and hit three free throws. In the last 29 seconds, a dramatic scene happened. Yang made a mistake in passing the ball, then stepped on the referee’s feet and walked out of the court for inspection.

Entering the final game, Yang returned to the field. In the last five minutes of the game, Middleton began to walk wildly and cut points continuously, while Yang also responded with a three-point attempt to stop bleeding. Unfortunately, in the last five minutes of the decisive moment, Yang shot feel suddenly power, is not a point. In this case, the Hawks are also unable to chase points. Finally, the eagle lost 102-113 to the bucks.

By Ethan