The 5 Bundesliga champions are crazy! 3 goals in 18 minutes

On August 15, the NBA Summer League continued, and the Charlotte Hornets played against the Toronto Raptors. In the last 20 seconds, the two sides fought 79-79. Louis of the Hornets made an outrageous mistake and sent achua to the free throw line. Achua made 2 free throws and 1, helping the Raptors take the lead 80-79.

Relevant reading is outrageous! In the last 20 seconds, 79-79 Hornets serve the sideline ball directly to the opponent

In the last second, Hornets Sneijder fouled Raptors achua, but missed 2 free throws and missed the chance to kill.

0.4 seconds later, Lewis fouled achua, who also missed two penalties.

In the last second, facing the chance of locking the victory, the two sides missed a total of 4 penalties. The score was fixed at 80-79, and the Raptors narrowly defeated the Hornets.

This game, the second brother of the Bauer family, Lian jiluo Bauer, continued to play on behalf of the Hornets. He made 3 of 8 shots, 2 of 6 out of 3, and got 8 points.

The Bauer family is one of the most watched families in the league today. Brother lanzo and third brother ramelo are all high ranking draft candidates, and they are absolute main players in their respective teams. Lanzo got a big contract this summer, and ramelo is regarded as the core of the Hornets’ reconstruction. By contrast, leangillo is much worse. But he still got the chance to play in the summer league for the Hornets. In the first game of the summer league, Lian Gilo scored 5 out of 8 and scored 16 points, showing good strength.

In this game, Lian Gilo didn’t get many opportunities. But his ability to seize opportunities is still very strong, showing his potential as an excellent 3D player. With 3 minutes and 48 seconds left in the first quarter of the game, the Hornets launched a counterattack fast attack. Lian jiluo quickly landed on the flank, received his teammate’s pass, steadily soared in the middle and far three points, and the trajectory was quite accurate.

Although the Hornets only got 8 points in the first quarter, they launched a counterattack in the second quarter, leading the Raptors 37-28 after half-time. Gianluiro scored only three points in the first half.

After the second half of the game, Lian jiluo finally got some opportunities to perform. He received his teammates’ pass and cut into the layup to get 2 points. The Hornets are pretty good at three-point goals today. Entering the middle of the third quarter, Lian jiluo took a pass from his teammates in the counterattack, and then ran a three-point chase to help the team establish a double-digit lead. Unfortunately, since then, Lian jillo’s hand suddenly lost power, fell into a long scoring shortage, and threw a three-point ball.

Entering the last quarter, Lian Gilo tried to break through the layup, and was finally beaten by his opponent’s big hat. The Raptors launched a crazy counterattack at the last minute. At the critical moment, Lian jiluo had a chance to save the team, but his hand still couldn’t be continued. He continued to bang the iron with two three points. Relying on the Hornets’ attack at the critical moment, the Raptors surpassed the score in one fell swoop. In the last second, Hornets player Snyder missed 2 free throws and missed the opportunity to surpass. Although the Raptors also missed 2 penalties, the two sides drew 79.

By Ethan