Bottas angered the Mercedes-Benz team

Toto Wolf, the head of the Mercedes team, welcomed the “controversial” radio call during the Valteri Bottas France station and said that he was happy to see that the Finn had not “internalized” his feelings.

As the first driver of the leading group to pit for a tyre change, Bottas, who adopted a one-stop strategy, tried to struggle in the final stage of the French station, and his hard tyres were almost exhausted.

With 10 laps left in the race, Bottas, who was in third place at the time, was overtaken by Verstappen behind him. The Red Bull team let the Dutch adopt a two-stop strategy, which finally made him win the race.

Bottas angered the Mercedes-Benz team

The Mercedes team insisted that Bottas adopt a one-stop strategy, which made him very unhappy. The Finn vented his emotions on the team radio: “When I stopped twice, why didn’t TMD listen to me? ”

And just a few laps after being overtaken by Verstappen, Bottas could only watch another Red Bull driver Perez pass by him due to the same tire problem.

After the race, Toto Wolf, the head of the Mercedes team, had no objection to Bottas’ public expression of his ideas, and thought it was a good thing that he did not hold things in his heart.

“I’m very happy that Bottas can now say what he thinks, but we still think that one stop is a better strategy. The fierce fight will accelerate the consumption of tires, so that it can’t make it to the end.”

However, Bottas insisted after the game that the two-stop strategy would give him a chance to win. In the middle of the game, the gap between him and Hamilton and Verstappen was quite close.

Wolf is very satisfied with Bottas’s performance, although he finally fell to fourth, he believes that he has made good progress in the recent game.

Although Bottas finished fourth and missed the podium, Wolfe was still very satisfied with Bottas’ performance.

By Ethan