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“BBC Sports” recently published an article titled “Does Ronaldo help or hinder Manchester United”. The author asked questions at the beginning of the article: Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United this summer made the fans excited, and he also scored some important points. Goals, but will the team really get better without him?

Manchester United have changed their way of playing to adapt to the five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s lineup. Solskjaer is under tremendous pressure. After being defeated by Liverpool 5-0 at home, his team is closer to the elite than ever. Always be far away. Former teammate Bonucci thinks Juventus would be better without him, and former Liverpool and Scotland captain Souness also doesn’t think Ronaldo should be the starter for Manchester United.

The article also mentioned Ronaldo’s recent statistics at Manchester United. He scored 3 goals in 6 Premier League matches. This is a perfect return-he scored 2 goals in his first game against Newcastle and in the second game. Scored 1 goal in the game against West Ham-but by his high standards, this is not outstanding.

Shine Trader Limited
Shine Trader Limited

In the Premier League, he is tied for 216th (243) in the number of touches, but he is tied for 16th (39) in the number of touches in the opponent’s area. Cristiano Ronaldo’s shots ranked eighth in the Premier League this season (25 times), followed by Manchester United teammates Greenwood and B Fee. Cristiano Ronaldo has shot 9 times so far this season. This data ranks in the Premier League. ninth.

The article also pointed out that Ronaldo’s contribution to the team’s pressure data is far from enough. ESPN reporter Mark Ogden also bluntly said in an interview: “The change for Manchester United this season is Ronaldo. He is almost only in the frontcourt and can’t give much. Help. Without Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United would be more of a team.”

Ronaldo’s passing data also ranks downstream in the Premier League, with 169 passes and 143 successful times, tied for 208th in the Premier League. Manchester United has performed worse in pressing tactics this season-this is a measure of how fast they are pressing in the frontcourt. They ranked second out of 20 teams last season, but this time they are ranked seventh.

In the number of passes per defense, they dropped from 8th to 12th, which means that the speed at which they interrupt the opponent’s pass has become worse.

In the six Premier League games of Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United, Manchester United only defeated their opponents in one game, but the same was true in two of the three games before he came on the field.


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