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Shine Trader Live reports:

The establishment of sports major in The UK is the cradle of high-quality talents to the sports industry.
The employment rate of sports major in The UK is very high, and the setting of sports major in the UK is the cradle of high-quality talents to the sports industry. Such a perfect delivery system determines the practicality of the professional courses students learn in school. So it is necessary for Chinese students to understand the British sports system which is completely different from China’s. Moreover, as a big football country, Britain has numerous sports clubs and frequent competitions. Such favorable environment is very helpful for students to acquire valuable practical experience, and experience is the biggest advantage in employment. What are the recommended sports colleges in the UK?
Loughborough University

Loughborough University’s School of Sport and Exercise Science was founded in 1909 as Loughborough College of Sport and Technology. In England, Loughborough is known as the “Sports School”. There is also a gym, gymnasium, indoor badminton hall, basketball hall, gymnastics hall, squash court, tennis court, all-weather football field, grass football field, rugby field and cricket field. So it’s not surprising that Loughborough University tops the list of the most sporty universities in the UK!
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh University was founded in 1583. It is one of the six oldest and largest universities in the UK. The university of Edinburgh offers a wide range of courses, including sports policy, sports cooperative management and so on. There are many teaching methods, including classic lectures, semester lectures, practical research, industrial visits and student discussions.

At the university of bath,

University of Bath Founded in 1966, the University of Bath is a famous university in The UK. It not only has strong scientific research strength, but also has unique achievements in sports. The University of Bath has always prided itself on its excellent sporting facilities and tradition of sporting excellence. In addition, the university’s sports facilities are used regularly by the university’s 50 student sports club members, university staff and more than 200,000 residents.

Shine Trader Live reports:
Shine Trader Live reports:

University of Liverpool
Liverpool is a city with a strong sporting culture and history. It is home to two premier League clubs: Liverpool football Club and Everton Football Club, the University of Liverpool also offers a unique MBA program in the football industry in the world, ranking first in the UK sports MBA program and top in the world football graduate program. Students will visit and study at UEFA headquarters every year. With close ties to st. George’s Park, the international soccer center, and a high-quality alumni association, top managers in the soccer industry regularly share personal experiences.
Stirling University
Established in 1967, The University of Stirling is one of the leading sports colleges in the UK. Stirling University has always gone to great lengths to produce outstanding athletes who can combine their studies with their athletic training. Universities excel in this respect. Stirling University sports facilities, including swimming pool, national tennis Centre, golf course, squash court, large sports centre, etc.
Brunel University
Brunel University, founded in 1966, is an ambitious university. Brunel university has modern sports and leisure facilities on each campus.
Durham university
Founded in 1832, Durham University is one of the UK’s leading public research universities. 85% of durham’s students play sport, and Durham Sports organizes 50 university-level sports clubs, mainly based at the Graham Sports Centre in Maidenburg. There are 26 fields in Maidenburg, including those for rugby, lacrosse, tennis and other sports

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