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Reported on September 2:

Recently, a former NBA executive talked about veteran Rondo’s return to the Los Angeles Lakers in an interview. The executive admitted that Rondo’s return to the Lakers is of great significance to team superstar Anthony Davis. He said that Davis is very special, but he needs people like Rondo to help him in order to finally achieve greatness.

The executive’s words actually have two meanings. On the one hand, from the technical point of view, when Davis remains healthy, he is undoubtedly the top insider in the league. Davis can dominate both ends of attack and defense. He has a variety of skills on the offensive end and can defend multiple positions on the defensive end. However, Davis also relies heavily on his teammates’ passing. Obviously, Rondo can pass the most comfortable ball to Davis. On the other hand, Davis is not a very disciplined player, and Rondo has always pointed out impolitely that his teammates are lazy. Around him, he needs an outspoken old man like Rondo to spur himself in the future, so that he can finally become a great player.

As early as the pelican era in New Orleans, Davis and Rondo had a tacit understanding of their cooperation. In the 2017-18 season, Rondo assisted Davis all the way to the playoffs. In the first round of the playoffs, Rondo can send 13.3 assists per game and lead the team to sweep the trailblazers of Lillard with Davis. In the second round of the playoffs, although the pelican lost to the Golden State Warriors because of his poor strength, Rondo sent 21 assists in the G3 series against the warriors.

Davis had been convinced of Rondo during the pelican period. Later, they joined hands again in the Lakers and finally won the NBA championship in 2020. There is no doubt that Rondo and Davis are a perfect match on the pitch. In the new season, they will partner for the third time and attack the championship again.

By Ethan