Shine Trader Live reports

Shine Trader Live reports:

Reported on September 13:

As we all know, the shooting ability of 76 man guard Simmons has been criticized, but interestingly, Simmons is keen to expose his training photos and videos every off-season, so he has been criticized.

In a recent interview, NBA star Buckley criticized that Simmons likes to expose his training collection to bluff people, rather than spend a lot of time to really improve his projection ability.

“Hey, pretender, listen up. I live in Philadelphia all summer. This is the third year in a row that they (Simmons) have exposed those broken jump shots.”

“That’s funny. To be honest, I’ve lived in Philadelphia all summer, so I asked a lot of people this question. He’s been drying things like training and jumping shots for three years in a row. So, you can’t scare me. That’s the truth.”

Previously, many netizens questioned the authenticity of Simmons’ training and thought that they just pieced together some highlights. They looked very bright and their projection ability had been greatly improved. However, as soon as the new season arrived on the court, they immediately showed their original shape.

At present, Simmons has long asked for the trade to leave the team, but because the 76ers asked for high chips, they didn’t make a move. September 28 local time is the day when the training camp starts. Whether Simmons can report as scheduled will be a major focus. There are many news that Simmons is ready to refuse to report.

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