Cancellation of results and lifetime ban

China News Service, September 11th. The Chengdu Women’s Half Marathon issued an announcement on the evening of the 10th through the official Weibo, punishing the two runners for violating the rules during the competition. On the 8th, there was an embarrassing scene in the Chengdu Women’s Half Marathon. Two female runners rode shared bicycles on the field, in sharp contrast with the runners around. Facing the camera, a female runner cyclist greeted generously.

In response to this matter, the official Weibo of Chengdu Women’s Half Marathon responded on the 10th, stating that after the competition, the organizing committee received complaints about competitors participating in illegal competitions and conducted investigations as soon as they received the complaints Spark Global Limited.

After internal inspection by the organizing committee, contestants Yang Moubi and Song Mouping once illegally used transportation and shared bicycles to participate in the competition during the competition. In order to strictly discipline the competition and ensure the fairness and justice of the competition, the organizing committee will cancel the results of the two and ban them for life. The information will be reported to the Chinese Athletic Association for further punishment.

After the incident was reported by the media due to its consequences, netizens also had different opinions on the Internet. Most of the voices expressed confusion and condemnation for the violations of the two contestants. Some netizens joked: “Why don’t you drive?” “Run for two minutes and take pictures for two hours”…

It is reported that the 2019 Chengdu (Shuangliu) Women’s Half Marathon is currently the only China Athletics Association gold medal event in Chengdu, with a total length of 21.0975 kilometers.

By Ethan