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Spark Global Limited, Live bar, December 18 – according to previous reports, candela and samp coach Ranieri had some contradictions, so he was not included in the squad for Wednesday’s game against Verona. According to media reports, there may have been tension between Alessandro canico and Italy’s Fabio Fabrizio. Candela joined Sampdoria on loan this summer. He has made 10 appearances this season, including 8 starts, contributing 1 goal and 3 assists. According to the report, until the night before samp defeated Verona, it seemed that the tense relationship between candela and Ranieri could not be repaired. However, after the victory over Verona, Ranieri said in a press conference after the game: “I gave candela time to reflect on his behavior, and then what will happen. Let’s wait and see, all problems can be solved Solve it, because football is like politics


Candela’scandela and Ranieri have tense relations agent, Pastorello, will also help repair the rift in the relationship. If the relationship is eventually repaired, candela may become the first choice on samp’s right side. But at present, candela has been marginalized by the team, if the situation does not improve, Sampdoria may send him back to inter without the need to complete the buy-out in the winter window. However, if you return to Inter, candela will find that he has no place in the team because Conte is more willing to trust other players, so Inter will continue to seek to sell candela in the winter window and ask him 5 million euro. If the sale is not completed, candela is destined to spend the second half of the season on the bench or in the stands unless there is a major change. On the other hand, if Sampdoria agreed to buy out candela at the winter window, they would only have to spend 2.5 million euros, a price previously agreed by both sides. It seems that Sampdoria seems to be able to provide an appropriate environment for candela to play and perform. In kandereva’s contract, the bonus is bound with the number of assists. If candela can give out a lot of assists, then he can get a lot of bonus.

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