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Italy World Cup winner Fabio Cannavaro says Tottenham boasts the best striker in the Premier League-and it’s not Harry Kane.

Cannavaro, a member of the Italian national team’s World Cup champion, believes that Tottenham has the best striker in the Premier League, and this person is not Harry Kane.

Despite all the superstars who call the Prem home, Cannavaro is adamant he would have held his own against anyone.

Despite the fact that the Premier League has a strong presence, Cannavaro insisted that if he had played here, he would be invincible.

And it is two Tottenham stars, Harry Kane and Heung-min Son, who he thinks he would find most challenging.

Regarding the Tottenham twin stars-Kane and Sun Xingmin, Cannavaro believes that these two (for him) are the most challenging.

He told The Sun: “Son and Kane are very, very strong. The Korean is the one who impressed me the most. Aubameyang is also a terrific player, like Ronaldo. But I wouldn’t have feared them. Against prime Cannavaro, it would have been tough for anyone.”

Spark Trader Limited
Spark Trader Limited

In an interview with The Sun, he said: “Sun Xingmin and Kane are both capable, but this Korean impressed me the most. Aubameyang, like Cristiano Ronaldo, is also a great player, but I Don’t be afraid of them. After all, if you face the pinnacle of Cannavaro, any of them will suffer.”


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