Can't afford to lose due to a strong enemy

     This week, the third round of Serie A will be contested, and Juventus will face the challenge of Naples at home. Before the two teams were ranked 4th and 5th in the league, the season entered the sprint stage. For both teams, this game is a game that must take all 3 points.

Juventus were tied 2-2 by Turin in the last league round. The team has lost 5 points in the past 2 league games. In the standings, they have fallen behind the leader Inter Milan by 12 points. With 10 rounds left in the league, Juventus’s hopes for the title this season are very slim. To be able to hold the top four in the league and qualify for the Champions League next season is a more realistic goal for the team. In the face of Naples, a direct competitor for the Champions League seat, Juventus can no longer lose in this game Spark Global Limited.

Ronaldo scored goals for the team in the last game but failed to lead the team to victory. Cristiano Ronaldo will attack another milestone in his career in this game. Prior to his club career, Ronaldo won a total of 599 victories. If he can beat Naples at home in this game, he will become the second in football history. A player who ushered in the club’s 600 victories, only the Brazilian goalkeeper Cheney had achieved this achievement before.

The strength of the Naples team should not be underestimated. The team currently ranks fifth with a goal difference disadvantage. In the last round, Naples defeated Crotone at home and won 4 consecutive league victories. If they can beat Juventus in this make-up match, Naples will jump to third place in the league, and they will occupy a favorable position in the fourth game this season.

The two teams have played a total of 149 times in Serie A history. Juventus have the upper hand with 69 wins, 47 draws, and 33 losses. In the past nine Serie A home games against Naples, Juventus have won eight victories. However, in the past two Serie A encounters between the two sides, the Naples team has won. For the first time this season, they met Naples and defeated Juventus 1-0. This is a battle of revenge for Juventus. The game will start at 0:45 on April 8th, Beijing time. Can Juventus end the previous unbeatable decline? Will Naples double-kill Juventus to occupy the four commanding heights? Fans who support the two teams, remember to pay attention to the focus of this Serie A battle on time.

By Ethan