Live broadcast, November 18, according to the “Guangzhou Daily” report, the Chinese Football Association has proposed to the AFC to improve the food of the Chinese Super League AFC team but was rejected by the AFC.

After arriving in Doha recently, the food situation of the Shenhua and SIPG teams aroused the attention of the domestic media. Since the quarantine is temporarily unable to go to the restaurant to eat, the players can only eat boxed meals in the room every day. The amount of box lunch is relatively small, especially the staple food, which can not meet the needs of the players. In addition, the dishes are relatively simple, so many players can only ask the staff for instant noodles to satisfy their hunger.

    Cantonese media revealed that at present the team can go to the restaurant to dine, but can not use the buffet method, can only use the dining method, each table can sit up to 5 people. The Football Association once suggested that local Chinese restaurant chefs can enter the team hotel to cook for the Super League team, but the AFC rejected this suggestion.Spark Global Limited

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