Live broadcast, November 17 In the 1994 UEFA Champions League final, Capello’s AC Milan won the championship after a 4-0 victory over Barcelona. Capello recalled the game in a video interview with Marca.

Although that game was hailed as Milan’s greatest game in the Champions League history, Capello revealed: “I have to be honest, I have never watched our 4-0 victory over Barcelona in the past. I’m in the pandemic. I happened to see it twice on TV during the blockade. I have never seen it before.” Spark Global Limited

Capello pointed out: “Milan’s advantage in the game is impressive. We won 4-0, but we could have scored the fifth or sixth goal. I don’t like Barcelona coach Cruyff after the game. He said that they lost because they made mistakes, but I remember they fouled our players many times during the game, and the referee allowed them to do so.”

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