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The Suns beat the Clippers 130-103 away. 4-2 to the finals. Chris Paul made 16 of 24 shots, 7 of 8 in 3, scored 41 points, 4 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steals without any mistakes. After receiving numerous criticisms and facing numerous failures, Paul finally ushered in his own glorious moment.

Champion’s heart! Paul 41 + 8 scored 20 points for the final 6 minutes

Paul is only one victory away from his first finals in his career. He played very actively in the beginning. He finished the air contact with bridges and assisted Claude to score three points. He also opened fire from outside, scoring back-to-back three points to help the Suns establish a lead.

However, the sun did not open the score, to his next break after the clippers is once over. Fortunately, Booker led the team alone and was very stable. He was on the outside line with Aton and fired on the inside line at the same time, holding the advantage.

After Paul’s return in the second quarter, he naturally won’t drop the chain. He scored a dry midshot in 10 minutes and 14 seconds, then assisted Saric to hit the counter attack three points, and the Suns expanded the difference to double digits. Although since then the Clippers tenacious close, but just like the first quarter, the sun withstood the counterattack, playing very tenacious.

Paul got 10 points and 4 assists in the half, but in the second half, the king of middle distance still made a killing with his own unique skills. The Suns almost beat the Clippers in the penalty area. Paul’s scalpel like accurate pass helped Aton and bridges score easily under the basket, and Booker’s rhythm is getting better and better.

But after Paul left the game, the Clippers chased the score again. Paul came on the court again in the last 1:43 seconds. As a result, he raised his hand and hit three points. Then he used George’s offensive foul to make a counter throw. Since then, George’s jump shot hit the iron, Paul took the ball again into three points, a person even took seven points, the efficiency of the explosion.

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