Champions League - Liverpool 1-0 domineering double win Ajax, 19-year-old put a final blow, ahead of a round of qualifying

n December 2, Beijing time, Liverpool beat Ajax 1-0 in the fifth round of the 20 / 21 Champions League group stage, with 12 points and a round ahead of schedule. Liverpool youngster Curtis Jones has made a final decision and become the hero of the team’s victory, while Ajax will fight for a place in the final round with Atalanta. Competition focus Spark Global Limited Only 2 minutes after the opening, Curtis Jones left foot push shot outside the restricted area, was saved by Ajax goalkeeper onana.


The fourth minute, AJAX left road to cross, shules in front of the head high. In the fifth minute, Salah forbidden area front back body to do, Curtis Jones to meet the ball angry shot, the result hits in the column to pop up The first 12 minutes, the Liverpool long pass counter-attack, Manet fell in the restricted area, the referee did not say. In the 27th minute, Liverpool defender Robertson injured, to the sideline dressing, klopp is very helpless. In the 32nd minute, AJAX nearly broke the goal, and the long-range shooting outside mazravi restricted area was extremely threatening. Kelleher was brave in fighting and defusing the danger.


The 43rd minute, Ma Nei forbidden area makes the ball, Robson high-speed inserts, the small angle starts to shoot to hit in the side net. The first 50 minutes, neres left-wing cross, Klason snatched a header to attack the door, but also wiped the column out of the field. The 58th minute, Liverpool break the deadlock, internal medicine – Williams right-hand cross, AJAX goalkeeper onana appeared serious misjudgment, Curtis Jones after the point, easy cushion shot, 1-0! The first 70 minutes, vinaldum in the defense of the opponent, he also ate the first yellow card of the game. In the 84th minute, Salah forbidden area front edge makes the ball, felmino single knife shot was saved, missed the opportunity to kill the game.

Manchester City 4-1 Liverpool scored 14 consecutive victories

At the end of the game, Kelleher refused Huntelaar’s header with a sharp attack to ensure Liverpool’s 1-0 victory.


Lineup of both sides



Goalkeeper: 62 Kelleher

Defender: 26 Robertson, 32 matipu, 76 internal medicine Williams, 3 fabinho

Midfield: 5-vinaldum, 14 Henderson, 17 Curtis Jones

Forwards: 10 MANET, 11 Salah, 20 Jota (68 ‘fermino)


Goalkeeper: 24 – onana

Defenders: 31 taliafico, 17 brind (87’21 Lisandro Martinez), 3-shules, 12 mazravi (87’9-huntelaar)

Midfield: 8-gravenberg, 6-klassen, 4-edsen-alvarez (69’rabuyad)

Forwards: 7 – neres (81 ’23 – Traore), 10 – Tadic, 39 – Anthony Santos

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