Champions League - Manchester City 0-0, Porto join hands in the Champions League, Stirling made the strongest empty goal

At 4:00 a.m. Beijing time on December 2, the fifth round of the 2020-2021 Champions League group match, Manchester City drew 0-0 away with Porto, and the two teams advanced hand in hand. Stirling in this game with Diaz staged the strongest empty goal, gersus goal was blown.

Highlights of the competition

Porto home put out the iron barrel array, Manchester city break the door lack of skill, can only 0-0 and the opponent handshake. Manchester City and Porto are joining hands to advance as Marseille, the bottom of the round, reversed Olympiacos 2-1. The strongest empty door is not born? In the 70th minute of the game, both Stirling and Diaz had the chance to play an empty goal in front of the goal. However, it was incredible that the ball failed to score under the wrong entry and exit.

Wonderful reviewIn the 22nd minute, after Foden straddle, Torres inserted into the forbidden area to face the attacking macheshin, and the ball was blocked for a while and slightly deviated from the baseline. The 37th minute, Stirling left road forced to wipe into the forbidden area, vigorously low shot, sanussi in the goal line to make a key clearance! In stoppage time, Fernando fouden’s corner pass was blocked by a powerful volley.

I don’t think Manchester City is the Champions League favorite

The 51st minute, Oliveira in the forbidden area in front of the sudden cold arrow, Edson attention is very focused to take off the ball.The 54th minute, zinchenke 29 meters outside the free kick attempts to attack the goal directly, macheshin steady will confiscate the ball. The 59th minute, Fernando direct pass, Stirling right into the forbidden area, small angle attack goalkeeper ball deviation. The 61st minute, Fernando long pass behind, Foden high-speed into the forbidden area, a foot volley kick. The 70th minute, Fernando’s right-hand cross, strindham 1 meter in front of the door did not enter, DIAS into the front of the shovel shot into a clear, Torres close range barb attack was blocked out! Manchester City are squandering opportunities.

In the 80th minute, the right side of Manchester City crossed the forbidden area. In front of the goal, results headed for the top of the ball. The ball hit the crossbeam, and results made a good make-up shot. However, after var intervention, it was determined that offside was prior and the goal was invalid.

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