Champions League-Manchester United 4-1 revenge promotion is in sight, B Fei scored twice, Rashford shot

At 4 o’clock in the morning on November 25, Beijing time, in the fourth round of Group H of the 2020-2021 UEFA Champions League group stage, Manchester United had a 4-1 revenge at home in Istanbul, and the Red Devils had 9 points to advance. Bruno Fernandez scored two goals and Rashford scored.

Competition highlights

  • 1Manchester United 4-1 Istanbul at home and reported the revenge of losing 1-2 in the first leg. After 4 rounds of the Red Devils Champions League, the points reached 9 points, and promotion is in sight.
  • 2B Fei scored twice as the biggest contributor to the win. The Portugal international scored 5 goals in the last 3 games. B Fei played 35 games for Manchester United, contributing 21 goals and 13 assists, directly making 34 goals!
  • 3Master La made a penalty kick he created, and he scored 8 goals in 14 games for Manchester United this season. In the last 4 Champions League appearances, Rashford scored 5 goals.

Wonderful review

In the 7th minute, Manchester United took a corner kick and was cleared. Bruno Fernandez shot through the net with a volley from the penalty area, 1-0!

In the 12th minute, B Familiar, Rashford broke into the penalty area with a low angle shot and broke the net, but the linesman raised the flag to signal offside, and the goal was invalidated.

In the 19th minute, Manchester United made a pass from the left. Cavani jumped up and missed the header. Goalkeeper Gunok dropped the ball and gave a gift. Bruno Fernandez shot the empty goal in front of the goal, 2-0! B Fei scored twice Spark Global Limited!

In the 28th minute, Viska fired a violent long shot from a free-kick 30 meters away, and the ball was just slightly higher than the crossbar!

In the 35th minute, Rashford single-handedly hit the penalty area and was knocked down by the chasing Mobo. The referee decisively pointed his hand to 12 yards, and the master himself made a penalty kick, 3-0!

  • In the 43rd minute, Mbobo left the penalty area and passed in an inverted triangle. Dembaba made a left-footed goal and the ball was blocked by Maguire.
  • In the 50th minute, Turuk passed the ball, Viska volleyed with his right foot in front of the penalty area, and De Gea quickly made a wonderful save.
  • In the 62nd minute, Tres opened a right corner kick, Greenwood leaped high to grab a header and the ball hit Mbobo to the bottom line.
  • In the 63rd minute, Teles took a left corner kick and Maguire shook his head in the penalty area and hit the goal high.
  • In the 75th minute, Turuk hit the goal directly from a free kick from 25 meters away. De Gea saved the ball, but the goal line technique showed that the ball as a whole had passed the line, 3-1!
  • In the 80th minute, Tekdemir passed the ball, Viska tried a burst shot before the penalty area, the ball hit the crossbar and popped out!
  • In stoppage time, Greenwood hit a cross from the right, and Daniel James easily pushed the ball into the empty goal, 4-1!


Manchester United (4231):

Goalkeeper: 1-De Gea

Defenders: 29-wan Bissaka (33-Brandon-Williams 59′), 2-Lindelof (38-Thunzeby 46′), 5-Maguire, 27-Tles

Midfielder: 34-Vanderbeck, 17-Fred

Midfielder: 9-Martial (31-Matic 82′), 18-Bruno-Fernandez (21-Daniel James 59′), 10-Rashford (11-Greenwood 59′)

Forward: 7-Cavani

Istanbul (4231):

Goalkeeper: 34-Gunock

Defenders: 4-Rafael, 6-Epreanu, 37-Scotter, 63-Mbobo (3-Kardirim 74′)

Midfielder: 10-Ozcan (20-Giuliano 74′)

Midfielder: 11-Chadley (22-Gould Branson 61′), 23-Turuk, 17-Kahevich (21-Tekdemir 46′), 7-Viska

Forward: 19-Dembaba

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