Championship ring can't change life

     In the NBA game that ended on March 31, Beijing time, the Wizards lost 104-114 at home to the away Charlotte Hornets. The Wizards currently have a record of 17 wins and 29 losses, ranking 12th in the Eastern Conference. In this game, Westbrook once again got the data of a major triple-double. He scored 22 points, 15 rebounds, and 14 assists in the game. Westbrook scored a triple-double in two consecutive games.

The famous basketball commentator Stephen-A-Smith said in the ESPN “Beginner” program that Westbrook’s amazing data would be meaningless without the championship bonus. Smith said: “In my opinion, Westbrook has reached this stage of his career, and the statistics have no more meaning. The important thing is whether you can reach another level and win the championship Spark Global Limited.”

A-Smith blamed Westbrook for the current Wizards’ poor record. He said Westbrook failed to lead a good team. He also reviewed the history of Westbrook in other teams and pointed out that even if he played with some great teammates such as KD, James Harden, and now Bradley Beal, the team could not Win.

In response, Westbrook did not fully express his desire to win. Instead, he showed a satisfied attitude towards his achievements and statistics, and Westbrook downplayed that he just wanted to play simply and didn’t think about other things off the court. Facing the doubts of the famous basketball commentator Stephen-A-Smith, Westbrook responded directly: “The NBA championship will not change my life. I am very happy now. Once I enter the NBA, I am already a champion. Yes. I stand out from the ordinary street and play in the NBA. I am already a champion.”

In the growing number of criticisms, it is clear that Westbrook’s attitude will not change. No matter how much criticism, Westbrook didn’t seem to listen. Of course, it is undeniable that what Westbrook said actually has some truth. After all, the more people criticize, it means that you stand in a higher position. It is worth mentioning that Westbrook has once again scored a triple-double per game this season. This is the fourth of the last five seasons to score a terrible triple-double per game. In the game against the Hornets. After that, this is Westbrook’s 17th triple-double this season. From the beginning of the season to the present, Westbrook has continuously cut down explosive data, but the Wizards have continued to lose. Many fans have accused him of just being a data brush, but this does not seem to change the way Westbrook leads the team.

By Ethan