Rojo is set to sign a three-year deal with Boca Juniors

On Monday, agent Raiola made a statement that Pogba planned to leave the team in the winter window, but he soon changed his mind. Now, in an interview with Italian media, he said that Pogba would not leave in the winter window because there would be no top transfer in the winter window. Talk about the transfer of Raiola and Pogba has never stopped. Last week, before the crucial Champions League battle between Manchester United and Leipzig, Raiola Ratu revealed that Pogba had been fed up with Manchester United’s environment and was unhappy there. He needed to change teams and hoped to move in the winter window, saying his career at Manchester United was over. Such comments and the timing of their publication have angered United fans.


Spark Global LimitedHowever, it was only a week ago that Raiola changed his tune before the winter window opened, saying Pogba would not make a transfer in the winter window. He said: “I’m not making a fuss. I think it should be clear that Pogba wants to move. But we’ll talk about it next summer, because top transfers rarely happen in the winter window. Let’s see what will happen next summer. Now we live in a world full of change. I believe there will be a bright future for Pogba. When it is mentioned in England, people will become sensitive, and I am just expressing my ideas

According to the daily mail, Raiola took the initiative to promote Pogba’s departure last week, in essence, he was looking for a new club for him. Under the background that the French and Manchester United contract will expire in the summer of 2022, it was a good time to “leave the team” at this time, but this year caught up with the new crown epidemic, both Real Madrid and Barcelona have encountered economic crisis Bogba has been unable to introduce it. So this is probably why Raiola changed her mind quickly.

“I’ve always been fighting for Manchester United, my teammates, and the fans. Nonsense doesn’t matter. The future is far away. Now is the most important thing. I’m going to focus 1000 percent on it and stay strong forever. Everything is clear between the club and me and that will not be changed. When you don’t know what’s going on, keep quiet and don’t talk about it. “

By Ethan