But Trussler brought Chen Boliang to Greentown and encountered some doubts. Some fans began to call Chen Boliang “Truce’s godson”.

This kind of questioning did not last long. Chen Boliang repelled them with his own performance and was recognized by the fans. In the August 2015 home game against former club Shenhua, Chen Boliang contributed assists and scored goals to help Greentown win 4-1. After the game, the Greentown fans sang a birthday song to Chen Boliang at home. Chen Boliang said, “This is the most memorable and unforgettable day for me.”

He thinks this group of fans is very cute, “I was in tears at that time and I was really touched. I felt that no matter where I came from, as long as I performed well, the fans would recognize it. What the fans want is very simple. I hope the players perform well and the team can Win.”

Chen Boliang experienced the Chinese Super League, relegation, and hitting in the League One in Greentown. When he played 100 games in Greentown, the fans of Greentown made him a huge Tifo at home. It said “Mr. Chen Boliang in 100 games”. Kind of recognition. This makes Chen Boliang very proud. The club also gave him a hundred ceremonies at home. “Actually, I was scolded here, but I will always be moved. I did not expect that the club would hold a hundred ceremonies for me. feel proud.”

This pride continued to the captain’s armband on Chen Boliang’s arm.

Former coach Sergey handed the captain’s armband to Chen Boliang. Before every home game, Chen Boliang in the locker room “yelled” to his teammates: “After the game starts, let them know that this is our home court and we want to win. They! Don’t let them score points easily at our home court, let them know that we are a strong team in the league.” Chen Boliang wants to pass on his competitive character on the court to his teammates and let them fight on the court.

Chen Boliang had several goals, but none of them achieved. He felt that Greentown was worthy of the Super League stage anyway. He also wanted the team to rely on the results to retrieve the fans who had lost the Huanglong Stadium.

In the last round of the 2018 Chinese League, the final whistle sounded. Zhejiang Greentown lost 1-2 away to the Meizhou Hakka, and was overtaken by Shenzhen points and lost the qualification for the Super League. Many Greentown players were lying on the ground, and Dino, the foreign aid, sat on the bench, buried his face in the towel and wept. This sad feeling spread to the locker room after the game. The locker room was quiet and no one spoke.

When the team bus left Meizhou, hundreds of fans shouted collectively, “Come again next year.” This is the closest Greentown to Super League after being downgraded.

Of course Chen Boliang is sad, “Everyone has worked hard for a whole year and we are just one step away. All the players are exhausted physically and mentally.” But he still told everyone, “Those who can’t be beaten can only make us stronger. All the encounters this year will only Let us be better next year.” Later, he wrote on his social media “Dawn will not be late after night”.

3. Hold on, pain ends

At the beginning of 2020, Chen Boliang and Changchun Yatai had a scandal, and the scandal finally came true. When Chen Boliang left Greentown where he had played for five years, the club fans hoped that their captain would “check home often.”

Chen Bailiang felt it a pity that his original plan was to retire in Greentown. “It is a great thing to be able to retire in a team.” He also sought to renew his contract, but the coach told him that he was not in his own plan. Among them, Chen Boliang felt the most regrettable, “I am in a good state, and I can play again, and I don’t want to waste this year.”

Following Yatai’s battle in the Chinese League in the new season, Chen Boliang played an important role in the process of Yatai’s promotion to the Super League. In the last two games, Chen Boliang scored goals. To help Yatai successfully promoted to the Super League, next season, Chen Boliang will return to the long-awaited Super League stage.

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