He was scolded by the fans and loved by the fans; he hoped to find a team to end his life, but was banished after playing for 5 years; dormant in the Chinese Premier League and return to the Super League; he hopes that he is a professional and hardworking role model, even if he can’t tie football All the bumps on the road also let the latecomers see a benchmark, leading them to continue forward.

He is the pioneer of football in Taiwan, China’s treasure island-Chen Boliang.

Greentown fans have done two things for Chen Boliang that impressed him: once when he arrived for the first time, and once when he had already taken root in Hangzhou.

It didn’t take long for Chen Boliang to catch up with Chen Boliang’s birthday when he first came to Hangzhou. The fans sang a birthday song in the stands, “I was very touched at the moment, and there were tears.” When Chen Boliang played 100 times in Greentown, the fans painted him at home. Sent a huge Tifo, “I am very moved and feel very proud.”

Chen Boliang’s football career went through Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, China, before he really took root in Hangzhou. When he first arrived in Hangzhou, there was a lot of questioning. He had to face countless saliva. Some people called him “Godson” and “True Boliang”. Five years later, Chen Boliang left Hangzhou, but Greentown fans called him “forever captain”, and some people said “Hangzhou will always be your home”.

In fact, Chen Boliang wants to stay in Hangzhou all the time, but at the beginning of the year Zhejiang Greentown set the tone of “mainly young people”, “I still have a one-year contract, and it’s okay to spend there, but I don’t think it deserves that salary. I still want to Prove that he can play in the Super League, and Yatai has similar goals as mine.”

The new season of the Chinese League has ended, and Chen Boliang also helped Yatai to return to the Chinese Super League as the Chinese Champions.

As the game gets better and better, the reputation of the “Treasure Island King” is getting better and better. Coming out of the desert of Taiwanese football, the 32-year-old Chen Boliang has been successful enough. He is the idol of many Taiwanese players, but he doesn’t care about these titles. “I hope to be a role model for them to learn from. One day I will retire. They will come up, and when they come up, they can be a role model for the next batch of children. That’s enough.”

1. “Professional players look cool”

Chen Boliang almost gave up football in his early years!

At the beginning of 2000, online games set off an upsurge. Like many young people, Chen Boliang, who was still in high school, would sneak out to play on the computer with his teammates in the middle of the night. He was not in the best competitive form, and he lost consecutive selections to the Taiwan Youth Team and Youth Team of China. For a time, Chen Boliang didn’t want to play.

The opportunity for the change was that Chen Boliang was later selected for the Taiwan Olympic training team and the Taiwanese Chinese team. “My family and coach have always encouraged me. The whole mood and motivation have changed. I feel that hard work is rewarding.”

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