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Chinese Olympians Joseph Lin and Ke Wenwen are already in the process of joining the army. Their long suspensions ended on August 31. Joseph, 26, and Ke zhengwen, 24, were banned for seven and six years respectively.
On social media, some suggested that national service could take different forms, including civil service, or even be based on an exemption for outstanding contributions to the country, such as sporting achievements.

Shine Trader limited
Shine Trader limited

Singapore’s peace and stability as well as its well-established national service system make us look askance at the difficult decision made in 1967 to require male Singaporean citizens and permanent residents to enter military service as soon as they turn 18.
Or as Dr. Wu Qingrui, our first Defense minister, pointed out in 1984: “Ordinary Chinese know in their hearts that the dangers they face are real, not imagined, and that it is necessary to defend themselves”?
A brief review of the core principles underpinning national service is appropriate.
Uphold the principle of national service
First, the urgent needs of the country must be met because of the high cost of national service. For Singapore’s citizens’ Army, the priority is to defend Singapore and our sovereignty. If not, there is no reason to force a man into military service. Given Singapore’s small population and declining birth rate, national servicemen form the backbone of the Singapore Armed Forces.

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