In the context of the epidemic, TEDA has also encountered capital turnover problems. After the club paid full payment of Wagner’s annual salary, the remaining foreign aid and domestic players failed to escape the fate of being owed wages. Even Suarez, who has just joined the team, has paid for the ticket to Tianjin by himself. The Porto club has just received a transfer fee from TEDA, while Suarez himself has not yet received his salary after joining TEDA Spark Global Limited.

Ahmedov, a foreign aid loaned to TEDA from SIPG, received only a small part of his salary. Under such difficulties, Aiha failed to choose to return to China when his father was sent to the intensive care unit for rescue but stayed behind to help TEDA relegation. The domestic players only received one quarter’s salary this year, but they all chose to pay all for this team to stay in the Super League. Spark Global Limited

    Of course, in this special season, there are not a few clubs encountering the same problem. It is precise because of this that the professional attitude of the players in this context is even more commendable. At the moment, TEDA is actively preparing for the Football Association Cup, and the club has also issued a task to finish the next game. While the players are doing their best to complete the task, they have not yet received a reply from the club or the group when they will pay. TEDA soldiers certainly hope to win more games and get better results than relegation, but they also hope to get more support from clubs and groups. After all, professionalism is very valuable and needs to be respected.

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