China Jinhua Australian Open team is destroyed! Zhu Lin loses 0-2

     On February 11th, Beijing time, the 2021 Australian Open entered the fourth day of competition. China’s golden seedling Zhu Lin faced off against the 18th seed Belgian star Mertens. In such a New Year’s Eve battle, Zhu Lin was out of the game with a total score of 0-2 to Mertens. Among them, the first set was a fierce battle to the tiebreaker and two inventory was wasted 6-7 (8). The second set was a 1-6 defeat. , Missed the chance to advance to the top 32 to create a career record for the best Grand Slam record, and also announced that all five players from China Jinhua were out of the competition, creating the worst record for the Australian Open in the last six years Spark Global Limited.

In the Australian Open in 2021, 5 members of the Chinese Golden Flower Corps entered the main game, but 4 of them were out of the first round. On the first matchday, Wang Qiang lost 1-2 in three sets to the former French Open runner-up Ella who broke through the qualifying round. On the second matchday, Zhang Shuai suffered a shoulder injury 0-2 and was beaten by the 20-year-old Chinese American teenager Li An. Zheng Saisai lost 1-2 to Regickova in three sets, and Wang Yafan also lost 1-2 in three sets. To Vicki.

Only Zhu Lin among China’s five Golden Flowers can win in the first round. Zhu Lin slammed the 18-year-old American teenager Osigway 6-1 in two sets and advanced to the second round to tie the best record of a career Grand Slam. Three times into the second round of the Grand Slam.

Zhu Lin ushered in the 18th seed Mertens in the women’s singles second round. The Belgian star once reached the Australian Open women’s singles semi-finals in 2018 and also won the US Open women’s doubles championship in 2019. She played in Australia this year. The net swept Fernandez 2-0 in the first round. Zhu Lin and Mertens have drawn 1-1 twice in the past. Zhu Lin was swept 0-2 at the Tianjin Open in 2018, and Zhu Lin won 2-1 in three sets at the Dubai Open in 2019.

In this game, the two started their third matchup in their career. In the first game, Zhu Lin dropped four points in the first game and blasted out a love game to secure the server. Mertens immediately broke the game and broke two games. Zhu Lin fell behind 0-30 in the fourth game Under the circumstances, he scored four points in a row and broke the game again in the 5th game, taking a 3-2 lead. After the two sides entered the hold-off battle mode, the first eight rounds were tied 4-4, and Zhu Lin was broken by Mertens again in the 9th round. Zhu Lin used Mertens’s consecutive double errors to break the opponent’s serve and win the game to maintain 5 games. -5 level.

Mertens continued to break serve, Zhu Lin seized the third breakpoint in the 12th game, and once again broke Mertens’s serve to win the game. The first 12 games of the two sides also fought to a 6-6 tie. The two joined hands to enter the tie-breaker, Zhu Lin wasted two counts and regretted losing the tie-breaker 8-10, and lost a set 6-7 (8) regretfully. The total score was 0-1 behind Mertens.

By Ethan