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This morning, the top 8 of the 2020 Snooker Championship were all born. There were 2 Chinese snooker finalists. None of the opponents in the quarter finals were strong enough to join the top 4 or a high probability event.

the top 8 of the 2020 Snooker Championship were all born.
The exit of defending champion Ding Junhui and Yan bingtao, the top 16 players after the top 00, did not affect the performance of other Chinese players. Zhou Yuelong and Luning joined hands to advance to the top 8, and both created their personal best record since the three competitions. If the two players can maintain a strong performance, they will keep up with the results of two Chinese players in the last British championship.
Zhou Yuelong has made his mark since 2018. He has not only made three finals, but also scored 147 points in last year’s Indian open. In the new season, Zhou Yuelong went to the top 8 in the English open and the Champions League respectively, and this year’s British Championship tied his best record. The scene that Mr. 147 of China smashed Higgins, the fourth champion of the world championship, 6-2 in the 1 / 8 final of China was shocking. After all, Zhou Yuelong, the old wizard, had won all the previous seven games, but the Chinese young general changed his life against the weather and overturned the legend, proving his super strength.
In addition to the first round 6-4 reversal of former world champion dahdi in the first round, Lu Ning played well in the rest of the Games: 6-0 swept Celt, 6-1 beat slaiser, 6-2 in China’s derby to win rookie Pang junxu. Lu Ning, known as “China’s grinding king”, has excellent defense and excellent psychological quality. The 26 year old post-90s are expected to soar in this British championship.
The quarter finals of the British Championship will be held tonight. Zhou Yuelong’s opponent is top 16 Lisovsky, who has been in the ranking competition for three times in the past two years and has failed in the final. Recently, his competitive condition has declined seriously and is about to fall out of the top 16. With Zhou Yuelong’s performance in this tournament, it is not a big problem to defeat the opponent and enter the top four. Lu Ning’s opponent is Joe Perry, who is No.19 in the world. Can China’s post-90s continue their efforts and continue the British championship?

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