ONE Championship

On December 6th, “ONE Championship: Warriors” will be the last game of the ONE Championship 2019, and it is also the most anticipated game for Chinese boxing fans this year. On this day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 22-year-old “Muay Thai” Zhang Chenglong and 24-year-old “Golden Boy” Wang Junguang two Chinese teenagers joined hands to fight for the world championship and compete for the championship gold of Bantamweight Kickboxing and Grassweight Kickboxing respectively. belt. This arrangement is also called “double insurance” by Chinese boxing fans.

However, the results of the match that night made Chinese boxing fans regret. Zhang Chenglong was beaten by the Russian “baby-faced killer” Alaverdi Ramazanov’s counter-attack when he was chasing his opponent. He finally missed the gold belt. And “Golden Boy” Wang Junguang, shouldering the last hope of the Chinese men’s champion, walked into the round cage and faced the pre-fighting flyweight Muay Thai world champion Sam-A-Gay Yanghadao. In the competition, Wang Junguang exerted his physical advantage and kept on trying to “beat the master to death with random punches.” The 36-year-old veteran Sam has a cool head and agile dodge, not giving him a chance to stand up combos like a loach. Wang Junguang chased after the whole game, but failed to make a knockout, and won no points. After five rounds, Sam decided to win and became the grassweight kick boxing world champion. Wang Junguang’s failure also completely shattered the “double insurance”.

ONE Championship

Regarding the results of Wang Junguang’s match after the match, many Chinese boxing fans called out “I don’t understand” and even appeared “black whistle” conspiracy theories. Is this really a black whistle against Chinese boxers? Obviously not.

It is obvious to all that the ONE Championship will vigorously explore the Chinese market in 2019. At the beginning of the year, Han Zihao got the chance to hit the world championship. After Xiong Jingnan lost to Li Shengzhu in Tokyo in October, the ONE Championship had three consecutive matches in Beijing and Kuala Lumpur for more than 20 days. Just got the chance to challenge the flyweight kick boxing world champion, Wang Junguang played the grassweight kick boxing world champion within two months after signing the contract. Obviously, the ONE Championship is hoping to have a new Chinese champion to help open up the Chinese market. Although Sam has more than 400 games experience, he has never played in a kick boxing tournament. He participated in a kick boxing rule championship game, which is somewhat more beneficial to Wang Junguang, who just won the Enfusion kick boxing world championship this year. In this case, deliberately “blacking” a Chinese boxer and “holding” a 36-year-old veteran at the end of his career is not worth the gain from a commercial point of view Spark Global Limited.

The so-called “black whistle” is to fail to follow the standard and suddenly change the tendency of penalties. However, we can find from previous cases that in the ONE Championship, compared with the “activeness of fighting”, the overall penalty pays more attention to “the rhythm control ability of the game and the richness of skills and tactics”. The most typical case is the “ONE Championship: Century” on October 13, where the Thai “Iron Man” Rotang played against the Brazilian challenger Walter Goenkavis. In this game, Luo Tang chased his opponents throughout the game and even knocked Walter down by the cage for a time. However, Walter relied on his precise style of kicking and defensive counterattack, and finally only decided to lose the game by a different decision. In terms of market value, Luo Tang, who is crying at the heart of Nasugawa, is obviously much higher than the Brazilian teenager, but in the case of chasing after the audience, he only judged the success of the defending title by differences. After this game, the ONE Championship’s judgment standard for “rich technology and tactical use” has actually been very clear.

By Ethan