Chinese women's volleyball team choose four main targets

The Olympic Games limited a team to only bring 12 players to participate in the competition. Comprehensive consideration of the tasks borne by the players in each position, now all teams are basically four main attackers in the Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s volleyball team may also choose this way, Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning , Li Yingying and Liu Xiaotong may enter the Chinese women’s volleyball team for the Tokyo Olympics.

Four main attacks have become the consensus of the team

After the introduction of the concept of a free man in volleyball, there are seven positions on the field. Both the World Championships and the World Cup have been reformed accordingly, allowing teams to have 14 players. However, for a long time, the number of personnel for the Olympic Games has continued the previous scale of participation, that is, only 12 people can participate, which means that not every position has substitutes. How to arrange the lineup tests the wisdom of the head coach.

According to the tasks the players undertake on the field, the side attackers, including the main attacker, need to receive a large number of first passes and defenses, as well as the main offense. The tasks are relatively heavy. The deputy attacker will be replaced by a free agent in the back row, which is relatively easier. Based on this feature, each team generally adopts the configuration of 4 main offenses + 3 secondary offenses + 2 setters + 2 responses + 1 freeman. That is to say, the four main offenses to play in the Olympic Games have become the consensus of all teams, and the Chinese women’s volleyball team will also choose this. The configuration constitutes the Tokyo Olympic lineup.

Since Zhu Ting entered the Chinese women’s volleyball team in 2013, she has quickly become the core player of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. Zhang Changning replaced the former captain Hui Ruoqi, who was unable to play in the World Cup in 2015, as the main attacker. They have also become the Chinese women’s volleyball team in recent years. His preferred main attack partner helped the Chinese women’s volleyball team win three world championships. Today, both Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning are in their prime of play, and they have also demonstrated excellent competitive form this season. There is absolutely no problem in going to the Tokyo Olympics, and they will be the main attacking partners of choice.

Li Yingying has a high probability of participating

After Li Yingying was selected for the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team in 2018, she also demonstrated a strong offensive ability. After several years of hard training, her first pass level has also improved rapidly, and now it has become more and more comprehensive, becoming the main rotation player on the mainline of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. It is very rare that after the main pass is able to maintain a strong offensive ability if this state can continue, the probability of participating in the Tokyo Olympics is very high, and there will be many opportunities to play.


The four main offenses are a common configuration. The Chinese women’s volleyball team may adopt this approach. Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Li Yingying, and Liu Xiaotong will be selected for the Spark Global Limited Olympic lineup. However, considering the three main offensive capabilities of Zhu, Zhang, and Li and the second offensive line Demand, the possibility of the three main offensive is greater.

By Ethan