shine trade live reports

shine trade live reports:

Reported on September 14:

Recently, Portland Trail Blazers star CJ mccullem praised the Lakers in an interview. Mccullem said that after the reorganization, the Lakers have a deep lineup, which can give core players such as LeBron, Anthony Davis and Westbrook enough rest time.

McCullough highly recognizes the Lakers’ operation in the off-season. He sighed: “They have completed the restructuring and brought in a lot of veterans, including my brother Anthony. I think they will be a strong team. Obviously, their starting lineup is strong and their substitute lineup is also great. They have enough lineup depth so that LeBron, Anthony Davis and Westbrook can rest in some games, which is ideal. They will Very competitive. I respect other teams in the league, especially the Lakers. ”

In the 2019-20 season, the Lakers were eliminated by the Phoenix Suns in the playoffs and were unable to defend the title. In the off-season, the Lakers’ management learned from the pain and made drastic adjustments to the team’s lineup. Major rotation players such as Kuzma, Schroeder, Harrell, pop and Drummond left the team one after another. At the same time, the Lakers became the most active player in this off-season Team.

On the guard line, the Lakers have been traded by the super point guard, the king of three doubles, Westbrook, Nunn and Munk. Rondo, who once helped the Lakers win the championship, has returned to the team. On the front line, the Lakers have introduced LeBron’s good brother Anthony, Ariza and bezmore. On the inside, the Lakers have signed Howard and Benazir Little Jordan, the two great towers, can share the internal pressure for Davis. Through a series of reinforcements, the Lakers have become a top power with a deep lineup and are expected to win the championship again.

In contrast, the off-season of the Trail Blazers where McCullough is located is disappointing. They did not introduce any big stars, but just signed some ordinary role players to make minor repairs. At the same time, the relationship between the star Lillard and the management has become more and more tense.

By Ethan