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The course began in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak in Malaysia, in April last year. Because of travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, Mr. Stewart was unable to fly to The Football Business Academy in Geneva, Switzerland, to take some physics classes, all of which had to be transferred online. At the time, he was secretary-general of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), a leadership position similar to that of a chief executive.
Many people asked him why he wanted to pursue further education when he was already a leader. He does have a lot of seniorities and a thorough knowledge of how the course works, but he still feels that’s not enough.

Shine trader limited
Shine trader limited

“I’m a person who likes to constantly pursue self-improvement. At a certain point, I feel like I need to improve. Starting from the position of the association leader, the pursuit of self-improvement can better lead the entire association to the development of the football industry. Stay at the forefront and contribute more to the Malaysian football industry. Personally, I see continuing education as an investment in myself to become a better leader.”
Promote personal growth
Go ahead and schedule it six months before the course starts, when he is looking for a suitable refresher course. He calculated that the “right” condition would be if the program not only promoted personal growth but also enhanced his ability to assume a leadership role on the football field. In the sea of the Internet, he found plenty of football courses abroad (not in Asia or South-east Asia), and the football business School chose the right time to pop up on the computer screen.
He had heard of the university, of course, but had never had a thorough understanding of it. The opportunity came, and after exploring the college’s offer of a master’s degree in the football business, he decided that was it!


By Ethan