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August 12 – today, basketball net GM Sean Max attended the press conference and was interviewed by reporters.

Speaking of harden and Owen’s injuries, Max said: “harden has been recovering from his hamstring injury all summer to get himself into his best form. I’ve seen Owen recently. Although his ankle injury was very serious before, he looks very good now. He’s very positive

Speaking of Griffin, Max said: “let such players return, we can certainly convey some information to young players in the dressing room. He not only performed well on the court, but also had an impact in the dressing room. He also thought that we still had a lot to do, so he chose to come back here. ”

Speaking of Clarkston, Max said: “he has been training. He knows he still has a long way to go. In order to get a stable playing time, he must invest this time, and we have seen his efforts. This kind of personal training is more important than going to Las Vegas to play the summer league. ”

Speaking of Durant, who has just renewed his contract with the team, Max said: “it will have a great impact on the development of the team to sign a long-term contract with a player like Durant. Durant’s attitude at that time was also very clear. He wanted to stay in the basketball net. ”

When it comes to new aid mills, Max said that he and the team are very excited about Mills’s joining.

Referring to the renewal of Owen and harden’s contract, Max said: “the team is discussing the renewal with them. If everything goes well, we should be able to reach a renewal with them before the start of training camp.”

Speaking of little Jordan, Max said: “little Jordan is a member of the team list, now and then. But our list will certainly be different in a month. ”

When it comes to the team lineup, Max said that the team will find suitable players in the free market for the defensive side. He also understands that the team’s defense and rebounding need to be strengthened. He believes that the integrity of the team’s current squad is 90%.

Speaking of the team’s goal, Max said: “of course, our ultimate goal is the championship. We often talk about this, and we are also very clear about our goal.”

Speaking of the team’s big three, Max said: “the lineup is very good on paper, but we haven’t achieved anything yet. We want to keep the depth of the squad and our players healthy. “

By Ethan