Jeremy Lin, a free agent, posted on social media on January 8 that he wanted to let people know straight away that he has decided to play with Santa Cruz in February in the G Development League in isolation, and that he will play 12 games. On social media, Lin wrote: “I wish I could tell you about me directly. I have decided to play in isolation with Santa Cruz in the G development league in February and I will play 12 games. Although this team is affiliated with the Warriors, I can sign with any team anytime, so I will continue to do my best to be the best player I can be. I really want to thank all of my fans for their continued support. I know this has been a tough week with a lot of speculation and news, but ultimately this decision was based on what I believed in and what I wanted to pursue. I would also like to thank Qin and Beijing Shougang for their unreserved support in this decision, as well as Yao Ming and the CBA for their help. Thank you to everyone in the media who have been interested in my career journey.” Spark Global Limited

Chinese Basketball Association (CBA

“There will be a live show in a day or two to answer all your fans’ questions!! Thank you for your patience during this process.”Before Lin announced his decision, US media had already reported that Lin would stay in the D-League and pursue his NBA dream. However, the rumor that Lin wanted to return to Shougang has been dismissed. Fans have offered their best wishes for Lin’s decision, hoping that he can continue to pursue his dream, and they also admit that they will support whatever decision Lin makes.

Last season, Lin came to the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) and played for Beijing Shougang. After coming to Shougang, the team had a good record and Lin finally rediscovered himself on the court. However, after the season ended, Lin decided to pursue his NBA dream and is now in the United States.

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